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If you’re in the market for trailers for sale, especially for hot shot trucking – then look no further than our friends at

Parker Trailers has a wide variety of flat bed trailers designed specifically for the hot shot trucking industry. In addition, you’ll find a generous selection of new and used enclosed trailers, cargo trailers, utility trailers, dump trailers, travel trailers and much more!

One of our favorite trailers is in fact Big Tex Trailers and right now, Parker Trailers has the perfect hot shot big tex trailer, a 37′ triple axle trailer with a lot of options to making your rigging experience – fantastic… Here’s the scoop.

Type: 2009 Big Tex 18GN
MSRP: $9,727.08
Asking Price: $8,900.28


Breakaway System, Slide Out Ramps, Tie Downs, Wood Deck, Dovetail, Electric Dropleg Jack, Spare Mount, Spare Tire


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